Customers of T-Mobile U.S. Inc. experienced widespread service outages in the U.S. on Monday, with reports from and and many Twitter users.

Outages were reported in multiple areas of the country, and some users' services were changed to "SOS mode" for emergency calls only.

T-Mobile's President of Technology, Neville Ray, issued a statement on Twitter acknowledging the outage and stating that service is operating at near-normal levels. recorded over 69,000 reported outages within two hours and received comments from users across several states.

T-Mobile did not immediately provide information on the cause or extent of the outage.

Many users reported that the service was eventually restored.

The outages affected T-Mobile customers in numerous states, with users reporting on social media and service tracking sites.

According to the outage chart on, the T-Mobile service complaints peaked at around 9 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday.

The outages affected not just T-Mobile's cellular service but also their home internet service.

Some T-Mobile customers reported that their 911 emergency calls were not going through during the outage, while others said they could make emergency calls using the "SOS mode."