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The Right to Repair Portal provides customers with a website through which they can file a grievance. Consumers can provide basic information such as the brand and model of the product, as well as the nature of the complaint, to facilitate consumers to make complaints. After registering a complaint on the website, a clear complaint number and resolution deadline are assigned. By using this portal, customers can now report defective merchandise and receive compensation quickly and easily. Read below to get detailed information related to righttopairindia.in like key points, objectives, features and benefits, steps to file a complaint on the portal and many more.

right to repair

About Right to Repair Portal

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution has launched an excellent project called Right to Repair Portal to protect Indian consumers. For customers who are unable to resolve issues themselves, the portal also provides online help tools. By using this tool, customers can speak to a knowledgeable customer service agent who can provide advice and support in resolving any issues. In addition to online complaint resolution options, the portal also provides a forum for clients to obtain legal counsel. For legal counsel on any issues related to their complaint, consumers can get in touch with attorneys and other legal experts.

Key Highlights of Right to Repair Portal

Name Right to Repair Portal
Launched by The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution, Government of India
Beneficiaries Indian consumers
Objective To file an online complaint
Official Website https://www.righttorepairindia.in/

Right to Repair Portal Objective

The Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution has developed this web page to protect consumers and provide fast and efficient complaint resolution. Thanks to the introduction of the web portal, it is now easier than ever for Indian citizens to file complaints and get solutions for defective or malfunctioning products.

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Features and Benefits of Right to Repair Portal

Some of the main features and benefits of this portal are as follows:

  • The Government of India has launched an online platform called Right to Repair Portal to simplify product maintenance and repairs.
  • With the help of this portal, users will have an easier and more practical way to fix their products.
  • Through the site, customers can access a variety of services, including product repair and maintenance, replacement parts and warranty information.
  • It provides details of a list of services offered by authorized service providers, details of product warranties and contact information for repair service providers.
  • Customers can access information on product maintenance and repairs on the portal.
  • Customers will benefit from this platform as their products can be serviced quickly.
  • Customers can file complaints about product repairs on the portal, which will help improve the services provided by service providers. Sarkari yojana
  • Thanks to these features, customers can track repair progress and receive updates.
  • Customers can check the status of repair work on the Right to Repair portal.
  • This makes it easier for customers to monitor repair and maintenance processes and guarantee their equipment is repaired quickly.

Steps to File a Complaint on the Right to Repair Portal

To complain about the maintenance right of the portal website, users need to follow the steps below:

  • First, enter the official website of the Rights Protection Portal.
  • The home page of the site will open on the screen.

right to repair web portal

  • Click on File a Complaint option
  • After that, select the type of product you want to complain about
  • A complaint form will open on the screen
  • Now fill the form with all the required details like your name, email id, address, phone number etc.
  • After that, select the state in which you are filing your complaint
  • Now, enter a description of your complaint
  • Attach supporting evidence.
  • Finally, click the submit button to submit the complaint
  • After the complaint is successfully submitted, a confirmation email with a tracking number will be sent to you, and you can check the progress of the complaint at any time.

What happens after a complaint is lodged against the Right to Repair Portal

After completing the form, Consumer Affairs will investigate and take appropriate action upon receipt of the complaint. On the portal, users can keep abreast of the progress of their complaints. Within the given timeframe, the Department of Consumer Affairs will also propose a resolution to the complaint. Consumers can easily ensure they have the option to have their products repaired using the Right to Repair portal. It’s also a nice touch that they get reimbursed if something goes wrong.

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