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Covishield Certificate: Download COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

Covishield Certificate Online | Covishield Certificate Verify | Covishield Certificate Correction | Download COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate


The government has taken various measures to contain the spread of Covid-19. These measures include awareness among citizens about wearing masks and social distancing, implementing lockdowns and vaccination campaigns, etc. The Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi, has launched a vaccination campaign in India from January 16, 2021. So far, many residents of India have been vaccinated. All vaccinated citizens have received certificates. Today we are going to give you full details about the Covishield certificate through this article, how to download it? it is the verification procedure, objective, characteristics, etc. So you want to download a Covishield certificate, you should read this article thoroughly. Through this article you will get a step by step procedure to download this certificate.

About Covishield Certificate

After vaccination, the Government of India will provide a Covishield certificate that can be downloaded from the cowin app or website. This certificate helps keep track of vaccinated citizens. There are two types of certificates. One is given after the first vaccination dose and the other after getting both doses of vaccine. This certificate lists all the details related to the vaccination such as name of the person vaccinated, date of receiving the first dose, date of receiving the last dose, vaccinated by, vaccinated at, etc. This certificate is online available.


Citizens are not required to go to a government office to get a vaccination certificate. They can download it from the comfort of their home using a mobile coin app or official website. This saves a lot of time and money and also ensures transparency in the system.

Highlights Of Covishield Certificate

Post Name Covishield Certificate
Launched By Government Of India
Beneficiary Citizens Of India
Objective To Provide Vaccination Certificate to indian citizen
Official Website Click Here
Year 2022

Objective of the Covishield certificate


The main purpose of this article is to provide Covishield certificate details to all vaccinated people. This certificate helps keep track of the number of people vaccinated. In addition, citizens can also keep their vaccination record. This certificate has been made available through the cowin website and mobile app. Citizens don’t have to go anywhere to get the covishield certificate. This saves a lot of time and money and also ensures transparency in the system.

Benefits And Features Of Covishield Certificate

  • Government of India issues covishield certificate to all those people who have been vaccinated with covishield vaccine.
  • This certificate can be downloaded from cowin . mobile app or website
  • With the help of this certificate, the government can keep a register of vaccinated citizens
  • There are two types of provisional certificate:
  • One is given after the first dose of vaccine and the second is given after the last dose of vaccine
  • All details about the vaccine are listed in this certificate.
  • Citizens don’t have to go anywhere to get the certificate.
  • This certificate is available online.
  • Availability of Covishield certificate online will save a lot of time and money and also bring transparency in the system.

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How to Download Covishield Certificate

Covishield Certificate Official Website

  • The home page will open for you
  • On the homepage you have to click on register/login

Covishield Certificate login page

  • After that, you need to enter your mobile number and click on Get OTP
  • Now you need to enter the OTP in the OTP box
  • After that, you need to click on verify and continue
  • Now you need to click on the certificate option under your name
  • Certificate is downloaded to your device
  • By following this procedure, you can download the certificate

How to Book Vaccine Dose

Covishield Certificate login page

  • Now you need to enter your login details and click on login
  • After that you have to click on vaccination services
  • Now you need to click to book vaccination slots
  • A new page will appear for you
  • On this page you need to fill in the required information
  • After that you have to click on book lock
  • By following this procedure you can book a vaccination slot

Search Vaccination Centre

search vaccination centre

  • Now you need to enter either your PIN or district or map
  • Then you have to click on search
  • The vaccination center details are on your computer screen

Contact Details

  • Helpline- +911123978046
  • Free – 1075
  • Technical Helpline- 01204473222
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