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The younger generation in India is ready to play a vital role in realizing the ambition to build a self-reliant, empowered India. The IAF will bring the young one step closer through the Agneepath Yojana. On June 20, 2022, the Indian Air Force made the application form public. Candidates interested in working in the defense industry for the Indian Air Force can apply for Agniveer Air Force 2022.

agniveer air force

Applicants who are qualified and interested in applying for the IAF Agniveer Vayu 2022 position should do so. The application process for the vacant position starts on June 24, 2022, and ends on July 5, 2022, via the direct link given in the previous sentence. In today’s article, we will talk about what is the Agniveer Air Force 2022? The application procedure, the qualification requirements, and the necessary papers.

Agniveer Air Force 2022 (IAF Agniveer Vayu)

  • On June 14, 2022, the Indian government launched Agneepath. Agneepath recruits non-commissioned officers into all three services of the armed forces. It is an initiative for integration and nation-building—opportunities for all tongue seekers and women. Agneepath will attract many people to the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Wing.
  • Army recruiting will be through the Agneepath scheme, and all candidates will serve for four years. The recruits in this system are called Agniveer.
  • The Ministry of Military Affairs has announced the Indian Air Force Agniveer Vayu Bharti 2022 on June 20, 2022. This is a fantastic opportunity for Indian youth to join the military.
  • Online, physical, medical, and training tests will select hopeful individuals from the Indian Air Force.
  • The Ministry of Military Affairs announced today, June 24, that the Indian Air Force constitutes Agniveer Vayu Bharti 2022.
  • IAF Agneepath test is on July 25, 2022.
  • Selected army troops will be paid Rs 30,000 monthly and contribute to the Agniveer Corpus Fund. The final intake list of Agniveer Vayu will be released on December 11, 2022. Candidates will be sent according to the final list.
  • IAF recruitment ends on 5 July 2022. The links in the table will provide you with the required forms and other information.

IAF Agniveer Vayu Overview

Name India Air Force IAF
Name of Scheme Agneepath Scheme
Field of Services Indian Air Force (भारतीय वायु सेना)
Name of Posts Constables and other posts
Application Process ONLINE
Starting Date of the Application Form 24 June 2022
Last date of Application Form July 05, 2022
Official website

Agniveer Air Force 2022 Objectives

The aim of the Agneepath system is to provide every young person in the country with the opportunity to serve in the armed forces, with the idea of ​​choosing only the most qualified candidates after a four-year period. This Agneepath plan is actually an extreme filtration that is only intended to provide the nation with the best in the field of military. After the first four years, only 25 percent of the brightest young people will be chosen for the program.

Agniveer Air Force 2022 Benefits

There are many benefits that an Agniveer gets:

  • A package for the first year of the plan is provided by Agniveer Vayu. This package includes financial aid amounting to Rs 4.76 lakh.
  • The Agniveer Vayu would be eligible for a tax-free service money package of 11.71 lakh rupees after serving for four years.
  • AGNIVEER VAYU who participate in this program will get a salary of Rs. 30,000 in their first year, and that amount will increase by 10% in their second year of joining the program.
  • In the third year, the wages increased to Rs 36,500 rupees and in the fourth year to Rs 40,000.
  • At the end of their engagement period, AGNIVEER VAYU is eligible for a one-time ‘Seva Nidhi’ package consisting of a personal monthly contribution and a matching government contribution. About Rs 10.04 Lakhs worth of Seva Nidhi packs
  • Those who are not elected after four years of service receive a certificate that is comparable to that of a secondary school. With the help of this certificate, students can continue their higher education.
  • AGNIVEER VAYU is provided with a non-contributory life insurance policy of Rs 48 lakhs for the duration of their employment as AGNIVER VAYU in the Indian Air Force.

Agniveer Air Force 2022 Eligibility Criteria

Agnipath yojana

Age Limit for AGNIVEER VAYU 2022

  • AGNIVEER VAYU The person must be between the ages of 17 and 23 (29 December 1999 and 29 June 2005).

AGNIVEER VAYU Education Criteria

  • Candidates with a three-year engineering degree can also apply.
  • Candidates can also choose to enroll in 2-year degree programs.
  • Applicants must have achieved a mark of at least 50 percent in English, Mathematics and Physics from their 12th grade.
  • Passed the equivalent of the 10+2 exam in any subject certified by a central or state education board listed as a member of the COBSE, with a minimum grade not exceeding 50 percent in total and in the subject of English.
  • Applicants must have successfully completed a two-year technical training program from a program board listed as a member of COBSE, with an overall grade of at least 50 percent in all subjects and in English.

Note: (49.99% should be rounded to 49%, not 50%.)

General Medical Standards for AGNIVEER VAYU

  • The information on the health standards will be posted on the CASB website, which may be accessed at Click Here.

Agniveer Air Force 2022 Online Application Process

  • Applicants should visit the official website, which can be found at Click Here.

Agniveer air force online registration

Agniveer air force online registration

  • Fill in the following information:
  • The user’s email address, a password, and a submit button will appear.
  • To start the application process for a new user, choose the “new user” link.
  • The system will create and send your password.
  • Apply now for IAF Agniveer Vayu.
  • You can get a copy of the IAF recruitment form by downloading and then printing it.

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